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Running Linux 5th Edition or Becoming a Teacher

Running Linux, 5th Edition

Author: Matthias Dalheim

You may be contemplating your first Linux installation. Or you may have been using Linux for years and need to know more about adding a network printer or setting up an FTP server. Running Linux, now in its fifth edition, is the book you'll want on hand in either case. Widely recognized in the Linux community as the ultimate getting-started and problem-solving book, it answers the questions and tackles the configuration issues that frequently plague users, but are seldom addressed in other books.

This fifth edition of Running Linux is greatly expanded, reflecting the maturity of the operating system and the teeming wealth of software available for it. Hot consumer topics such as audio and video playback applications, groupware functionality, and spam filtering are covered, along with the basics in configuration and management that always have made the book popular.

"Running Linux" covers basic communications such as mail, web surfing, and instant messaging, but also delves into the subtleties of network configuration--including dial-up, ADSL, and cable modems--in case you need to set up your network manually. The book can

make you proficient on office suites and personal productivity applications--and also tells you what programming tools are available if you're interested in contributing to these applications.

Other new topics in the fifth edition include encrypted email and filesystems, advanced shell techniques, and remote login applications. Classic discussions on booting, package management, kernel recompilation, and X configuration have also been updated.

The authors of Running Linux have anticipated problem areas, selected stable and popular solutions, andprovided clear instructions to ensure that you'll have a satisfying experience using Linux. The discussion is direct and complete enough to guide novice users, while still providing the additional information experienced users will need to progress in their mastery of Linux.

Whether you're using Linux on a home workstation or maintaining a network server, Running Linux will provide expert advice just when you need it.

Table of Contents:
1Introduction to Linux3
2Preinstallation and installation34
3Desktop environments67
4Basic Unix commands and concepts102
5Web browsers and instant messaging135
6Electronic mail clients149
8Office suites and personal productivity194
10System administration basics335
11Managing users, groups, and permissions384
12Installing, updating, and compiling programs401
15File sharing522
16The X Window system571
17System start and shutdown590
18Configuring and building the kernel608
19Text editing627
20Text processing657
21Programming tools681
22Running a Web server768
23Transporting and handling email messages776
24Running an FTP server797
25Running Web applications with MySQL and PHP809
26Running a secure system828
27Backup and recovery850
28Heterogeneous networking and running Windows programs865

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Becoming a Teacher (with MyLabSchool)

Author: Forrest W Parkay

“It is readable, up-to-date, and very practical in its’ application. It covers a variety of topics in an interesting manner that is hard to find in other texts.”
–John A. Beaupre, Illinois Central College

“All of the chapters are important and deal with content that is vital for students to know.”
–Anthony J. Coletta, William Patterson University

Becoming a Teacher, Seventh Edition, takes a straightforward look at what it means to be a professional teacher in today's rapidly changing, high-stakes environment of education. Building upon a strong “mentoring” message that has long been the tradition of Becoming a Teacher, the Seventh Edition helps students make difficult decisions about their teaching future by fostering an awareness of the realities of teaching in America today. This no-nonsense approach provides students with the tools and information necessary to answer the questions, “What does it take to become a professional teacher?” and “Do I want to teach?” Along the way, the authors provide practical perspectives for meeting the challenges of teaching.

New to this Edition:

  • Special features at the beginning and end of each of the book's four parts explore four “Big Picture” issues facing education today: teacher resiliency, teaching in socially toxic environments, the changing demographic of today's students, and preparing a literatepopulace.
  • Revised “Meeting the Standards” features in each chapter provide prospective teachers with guidelines for acquiring the skills necessary to meet the performance standards developed by INTASC, NCATE, PRAXIS, and NBPTS, and for meeting the accountability criteria contained in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
  • A new “Case for Reflection” feature in each chapter presents problem-solving situations to resolve, providing readers an opportunity to apply new learning to develop practical solutions in specific problem-solving contexts.
  • A new "Teachers' Voices” feature in each chapter presents short, teacher-authored articles illustrating how teachers apply chapter content to actual classroom situations and providing readers firsthand insights into real-world challenges teachers face.
  • New in MyLabSchool! Parkay E-book with integrated pre- and post-tests that generate individualized study plans to help students focus their attention and efforts where they’re needed most.

    See inside back cover for [Insert MyLabSchool Logo] Access Code!

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