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Information Warfare or The Power of Ultimate Six Sigma

Information Warfare: Principles and Operations

Author: Edward L Waltz

Here's a systems engineering-level introduction to the growing field of Information Warfare (IW) — the battlefield where information is both target and weapon. This comprehensive book provides engineers, system operators, and information technology users with an understandable overview of rapidly emerging threats to commercial, civil, and military information systems — and shows how these threats can be identified and systems protected.

Authored by a leading expert in advanced information-based technologies, this is the first book to detail the component principles, technologies, and tactics critical to success in the three key areas of IW: Information Dominance, Information Defense, and Information Offense. The author explains the quantification of information, describes the deductive, inductive and abductive processes that create knowledge, and provides essential technical background on:

• The knowledge creation processes of data fusion and data mining

• Information security technologies, including: encryption, authentication, authorization, and attack detection

• Information attack technologies, including: physical, infrastructure, and perceptual methods

Adding to the book's value are extensive citations to relevant unclassified literature, numerous examples of practical defense-related systems, clear explanations of basic IW theory, and much deeper and broader coverage of security issues than found in typical Internet security books.


Presents the author's conception of the use of information in warfare, based on seminars that he has presented in the US and Europe since 1995. Topics include the role of technology in information-based warfare, information superiority through dominant battlespace awareness and knowledge, information warfare policy, the weapons of information warfare, cryptographic encryption measures, and physical-level system security. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Table of Contents:
1Concepts of Information in Warfare1
2The Role of Information Science in Warfare49
3The Role of Technology in Information-Based Warfare83
4Achieving Information Superiority Through Dominant Battlespace Awareness and Knowledge107
5Information Warfare Policy, Strategy, and Operations139
6The Elements of Information Operations171
7An Operational Concept (CONOPS) for Information Operations229
8Offensive Information Operations251
9Defensive Information Operations301
10The Technologies of Information Warfare357
About the Author383

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The Power of Ultimate Six Sigma

Author: Keki Bhot

Developed by Motorola and popularized by Jack Welch and GE, Six Sigma remains today's hottest program for "zero defect" quality excellence. Now, Keki Bhote, member of the original Motorola team, presents an undiluted approach, applying his trademarked "Ultimate Six Sigma(r)" method to every business process — from manufacturing and customer retention to supply chain management and leadership.

The book is packed with every technique and metric necessary for a fast, smooth implementation, giving readers everything they need to make their own companies world-class in their industry.

In addition, numerous case studies of benchmark companies illustrate the factors that contribute to success. Bhote includes assessment tools designed to help a company gauge its current status and measure future progress. This book is the ultimate guide to the ultimate quality assurance tool.

Author Biography: Keki Bhote (Glencoe, IL) is president of Keki R. Bhote Associates, a consulting group specializing in quality and productivity improvement. The author of a number of books on quality, including World Class Quality he has been selected by Quality Digest magazine as one of the "quality gurus of America."

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