Monday, January 19, 2009

FileMaker Pro Design Scripting For Dummies or Micosoft Exchange Server 2003

FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting For Dummies

Author: Timothy Trimbl

Get the scoop on designing databases for Mac and Windows

Use FileMaker Pro design and scripting to quickly, easily build databases that solve real problems

FileMaker Pro has grown up, and it's better than ever! This easy-to-use guide shows you how to design a great FileMaker application, build a database that works, add the functionality you need, populate your database, and venture into programming with ScriptMaker. You'll find out how to share and protect your database, too.

Discover how to

• Build a layout that works

• Create custom triggers and calculated fields

• Generate reports automatically

• Manage security

• Publish your database on the Web

• Embed pictures, sound, and video

Table of Contents:
Pt. IGetting to know FileMaker Pro7
Ch. 1Introducing FileMaker Pro9
Ch. 2Creating a database29
Ch. 3Calculation programming : you have the power!55
Pt. IIBuilding the perfect beast77
Ch. 4Designing a good FileMaker application79
Ch. 5Whipping the layout into shape105
Ch. 6Finding and sorting your data125
Ch. 7Making FileMaker do tricks139
Pt. IIITaking control with FileMaker programming155
Ch. 8It's all in the script!157
Ch. 9Your programming toolbox179
Pt. IVFileMaker exposed! : sharing and protecting your database193
Ch. 10Share (data) and share alike195
Ch. 11Batten down the hatches! : keeping your data safe227
Ch. 12Putting your databases on the Web241
Pt. VThe part of tens255
Ch. 13Ten cool things you can do with FileMaker257
Ch. 14Ten (or so) items to aid your FileMaker development275

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Micosoft Exchange Server 2003: Administration Companion

Author: Walter J Glenn

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