Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel or Software Engineering 75

Financial Analysis with Microsoft? Excel

Author: Timothy R Mayes

Start mastering the tool that finance professionals depend upon every day. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS WITH MICROSOFT ® EXCEL covers all the topics you'll see in a corporate finance course: financial statements, budgets, the Market Security Line, pro forma statements, cost of capital, equities, and debt. Plus, it's easy-to-read and full of study tools that will help you succeed in class.

Table of Contents:

1: Spreadsheet Basics. 2: The Basic Financial Statements. 3: The Cash Budget. 4: Financial Statement Analysis Tools. 5: Financial Forecasting. 6: Break-even and Leverage Analysis. 7: The Time Value of Money. 8: Stock Valuation and Rates of Return. 9: Bond Valuation. 10: The Cost of Capital. 11: Capital Budgeting. 12: Risk, Capital Budgeting, and Diversification. 13: Using VBA to Create Function Macros.

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Software Engineering 7.5

Author: Ian Sommervill



Software Engineering 8


The eighth edition of the best-selling introduction to software engineering is now updated with three new chapters on state-of-the-art topics.


New chapters in the 8th edition


Ø      Security engineering, showing youhow you can design software to resist attacks and recover from damage;

Ø      Service-oriented software engineering, explaininghow reusable web services can be used to develop new applications;

Ø      Aspect-oriented software development, introducing new techniques based on the separation of concerns.


Key features


Ø      Includes the latest developments in software engineering theory and practice, integrated with relevant aspects of systems engineering.

Ø      Extensive coverage ofagile methods andreuse.

Ø      Integrated coverage of system safety, security and reliability – illustrating best practice in developing critical systems.

Ø      Two running case studies (an information system and a control system) illuminate different stages of thesoftware lifecycle.


Online resources


Visit pearsoned.co.uk/sommerville to access a full range of resources for students and instructors.


In addition, a rich collection of resources including links to other web sites, teaching material on related courses and additional chapters isavailable at http://software-engin.com.



IAN SOMMERVILLE is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.



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