Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visual Basic 6 Complete or Technical Charting for Profits

Visual Basic 6 Complete

Author: Steve Brown

Visual Basic 6 Complete is a one-of-a-kind computer book-valuable both for its broad content and its low price. This book contains the essentials you need to know about programming with Visual Basic and VBA, for use in building Windows applications, scripting, and extending and integrating Office applications.

With Visual Basic 6 Complete, you'll learn all about building Visual Basic applications - from working with forms and controls to using the Windows API and debugging Web applications -- and you'll quickly take advantage of all that Visual Basic has to offer. Get up to speed with Visual Basic, then move on to scripting objects, VBA, and building internet applications and interactive Web sites.

As you become more proficient with Visual Basic, you'll find the Visual Basic 6 Language Reference to be an invaluable daily tool. This comprehensive reference quickly puts every built-in function and statement at your fingertips.

Visual Basic 6 Complete introduces you to the work of some of the finest Sybex authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about what's possible with Visual Basic.


Introduction to Visual Basic
* Mastering the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
* Working with forms and controls
* Understanding object-oriented programming
* Building sample VB applications Practical Visual Basic
* Debugging Visual Basic applications
* Extending VB with the Windows API
* Accessing the Windows Registry
* Building screen savers, and displaying an icon in the system tray with VB Visual Basic Scripting and the Internet
* Adding scripting support to your application
* Scripting objects
*Building Web-based applications with VB Visual Basic for Applications
* An Introduction to VBA
* The Word Object model
* The Access Object model revisited
* Professional development with VBA Visual Basic References
* Complete Visual Basic 6 Language Reference
* Visual Basic 6 Function Reference

Table of Contents:
Pt. IIntroduction to Visual Basic1
Ch. 1Mastering the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)3
Ch. 2Working with Forms39
Ch. 3Selecting and Using Controls75
Ch. 4Object Programming with Visual Basic169
Ch. 5Visual Basic Projects227
Pt. IIPractical Visual Basic273
Ch. 6Debugging Visual Basic Programs275
Ch. 7Visual Basic and the Windows API299
Ch. 8Making Visual Basic Do What You Want371
Pt. IIIIntroduction to Visual Basic Scripting and the Internet413
Ch. 9Adding Scripting Support to Your Application415
Ch. 10Scripting Objects453
Ch. 11Visual Basic and the Web515
Pt. IVIntroduction to Visual Basic for Applications567
Ch. 12An Introduction to VBA569
Ch. 13The Word Object Model621
Ch. 14Introducing the Access Object Model649
Ch. 15Professional Development with VBA687
Pt. VVisual Basic Reference739
Reference 1The Complete Visual Basic 6 Language Reference741
Reference 2Visual Basic 6 Function Reference907

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Technical Charting for Profits

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