Monday, February 9, 2009

Kingdom under Fire or HTTP

Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom: Prima Official Game Guide

Author: Jim Mazurek

•Complete walkthroughs for all six acts and characters!
•All quests shown in full-detail!
•Learn how to build end-game characters with our detailed character section.
•Secrets: Mighty Sword! All Quest Bosses! Synthesize Abilities with Weapons!
•Introductory gameplay strategy helps novice, intermediate and advanced players!

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HTTP: The Definitive Guide

Author: David Gourley

Behind every successful web transaction lurks the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the language by which web clients and servers exchange documents and information. HTTP is commonly known as the workhorse behind the browsers we use every day to access our company intranets, locate out-of-print books, or research census information. But HTTP is used for far more than browsing the Web: the simplicity and ubiquity of HTTP also have made it the choice protocol for many other networked applications, most notably through web services such as SOAP and XML-RPC.

As the title suggests, HTTP: The Definitive Guide explains the HTTP protocol: how it works and how to use it to develop web-based applications. However, this book is not just about HTTP; it's also about all the other core Internet technologies that HTTP depends on to work effectively. Although HTTP is at the center of the book, the essence of HTTP: The Definitive Guide is in understanding how the Web works and how to apply that knowledge to web programming and administration. The book explains the technical workings, motivations, performance considerations, and objectives of HTTP and the technologies around which it revolves.

Written by experts with years of practical experience, this book uses clear, concise language and a plethora of detailed illustrations to help readers visualize what goes on behind the scenes, providing a complete understanding of the story behind each query on the Web.

All web programmers, administrators, and application developers need to be familiar with HTTP in order to work effectively. There are many books that explain how to use the Web, but this is the book that explains how the Web works.

Table of Contents:
Pt. IHTTP: The Web's Foundation
1Overview of HTTP3
2URLs and Resources23
3HTTP Messages43
4Connection Management74
Pt. IIHTTP Architecture
5Web Servers109
8Integration Points: Gateways, Tunnels, and Relays197
9Web Robots215
Pt. IIIIdentification, Authorization, and Security
11Client Identification and Cookies257
12Basic Authentication277
13Digest Authentication286
14Secure HTTP307
Pt. IVEntities, Encodings, and Internationalization
15Entities and Encodings341
17Content Negotiation and Transcoding395
Pt. VContent Publishing and Distribution
18Web Hosting411
19Publishing Systems424
20Redirection and Load Balancing448
21Logging and Usage Tracking483
Pt. VIAppendixes
App. AURI Schemes499
App. BHTTP Status Codes505
App. CHTTP Header Reference508
App. DMIME Types533
App. EBase-64 Encoding570
App. FDigest Authentication574
App. GLanguage Tags581
App. HMIME Charset Registry602

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