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Flash CS3 Professional Advanced for Windows and Macintosh or Transcending CSS

Flash CS3 Professional Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide

Author: Russell Chun

Adobe Flash CS3 is the leading software for Web designers creating dynamic Web sites. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide offers the most efficient way for smart, creative, busy professionals to learn Flash. Updated to include the important new features in Flash CS3, this book covers the latest ActionScript standards that make Flash CS3 so powerful, and details the expanded support for rich media. This handy guide combines a visual approach with straightforward, step-by-step instructions and screenshots, concise explanations of animation techniques, and task-based learning. Taking the highly accessible instructional format of the popularVisual QuickStart Guides to a more advanced level, the book guides readers through all the intricacies and new features of this top-selling Web multimedia application.

Table of Contents:
Introduction     ix
Approaching Advanced Animation     1
Building Complexity     3
Motion Tweening Strategies     4
Shape Tweening Strategies     16
Creating Special Effects     21
Animated and Complex Masks     26
Working with Video     37
Embedding Video into Flash     38
Progressive Download Video into Flash     47
Rotoscoping     53
Interactivity     55
Getting a Handle on ActionScript     57
What Is ActionScript 3.0?     58
About Objects and Classes     59
About Methods and Properties     60
Writing with Dot Syntax     61
More on Punctuation     63
The Actions Panel     64
Editing ActionScript     73
Using Objects     76
About Functions     85
Using Comments     89
Advanced Buttons and Event Handling     91
Listening for Events     92
Mouse Detection     94
The SimpleButton Class     98
Invisible Buttons     102
Animated Buttons and the Movie Clip Symbol     104
Complex Buttons     107
Button-Tracking Options     111
Changing Button Behavior     114
Creating Buttons Dynamically     117
Keyboard Detection     119
The Contextual Menu     122
Creating Continuous Actions     128
A Summary of Events     132
Controlling Multiple Timelines     133
Navigating Timelines with Movie Clips     134
Target Paths     135
Absolute and Relative Paths     139
Using the with Action to Target Objects     141
Movie Clips as Containers     143
Using Frame Labels     147
Managing Outside Communication     151
Communicating through the Web Browser     152
Loading External Flash Movies     168
Controlling Loaded Flash Movies     173
Loading External Images     178
Communicating with External Video     181
Using Projectors and the fscommand Action     188
Communicating with the Printer     191
Detecting Download Progress: Preloaders     200
Transforming Graphics and Sound     209
Controlling & Displaying Graphics     211
Understanding the Display List      212
Changing Graphic Properties     213
Controlling Scaling and Distortion     220
Modifying the Color     224
Blending Colors     230
Applying Special Effects with Filters     233
Creating Drag-and-Drop Interactivity     236
Detecting Collisions     240
Generating Graphics Dynamically     243
Controlling Stacking Order     246
Creating Vector Shapes Dynamically     249
Using Dynamic Masks     266
Customizing Your Pointer     272
Putting It Together: Animating Graphics with ActionScript     274
About Bitmap Images     279
Creating and Accessing Bitmap Data     280
Manipulating Bitmap Images     286
Using Filters on Bitmap Images     296
Putting It Together: Animating Bitmap Images     299
Controlling Sound     303
Using Sounds     304
Playing Sounds from the Library     305
Loading and Playing External Sounds     307
Controlling Sound Playback     309
Modifying Volume and Balance     313
Detecting Sound Events     318
Working with MP3 Song Information     320
Visualizing Sound Data     323
Putting It Together: Dynamic Sound Controls     326
Working with Information     331
Controlling Information Flow     333
Using Variables and Expressions     334
Loading External Variables     338
Storing and Sharing Information     347
Modifying Variables     353
Concatenating Variables and Dynamic Referencing     355
Testing Information with Conditional Statements     357
Providing Alternatives to Conditions     362
Branching Conditional Statements     364
Combining Conditions with Logical Operators     368
Looping Statements     370
Controlling Text     375
Input Text     376
Dynamic Text     378
Selecting Text Field Options     380
Displaying HTML     383
TextField Properties     388
Generating Text Fields Dynamically     398
Modifying Text in Text Fields     400
Formatting Text Fields from an External Style Sheet     410
Detecting the Focus of Text Fields     414
Controlling the Focus and Selection within Text Fields     417
Analyzing Text     419
Modifying Text      429
Manipulating Information     433
Making Calculations with the Math Class     434
Calculating Angles     435
Creating Directional Movement     444
Calculating Distances     448
Generating Random Numbers     450
Ordering Information with Arrays     451
Keeping Track of Objects with Arrays     458
Using the Date and Time     463
Managing Content and Troubleshooting     471
Sharing Library Symbols     472
Sharing Fonts     479
Including External ActionScript     482
Using the Movie Explorer     485
Tracing Variables in the Output Panel     489
Determining a Variable's Data Type     491
Optimizing Your Movie     492
Avoiding Common Mistakes     496
Keyboard Key Codes     497
Index     499

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Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

Author: Andy Clark

As the Web evolves to incorporate new standards and the latest browsers offer new possibilities for creative design, the art of creating Web sites is also changing. Few Web designers are experienced programmers, and as a result, working with semantic markup and CSS 
can create roadblocks to achieving truly beautiful designs using all the resources available. Add to this the pressures of presenting
exceptional design to clients and employers, without compromising efficient workflow, and the challenge deepens for those working 
in a fast-paced environment. As someone who understands these complexities firsthand, author and designer Andy Clarke offers visual 
designe s a progressive approach to creating artistic, usable, and accessible sites using transcendent CSS.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover how to implementhighly original designs through visual demonstrations of the creative 
possibilities using markup and CSS. You’ll learn to use a new design workflow, build prototypes that work well for designers and all team 
members, use grids effectively, visualize markup, and discover every phase of the transcendent design process, from working with the 
latest browsers to incorporating CSS3 to collaborating with team members effectively, and much more. 

Written and edited by Web design and CSS luminaries Andy Clarke and Molly E. Holzschlag, Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design
• Uses a visual approach to help you learn coding techniques 
• Includes numerous examples of world-class Web sites, photography, and other inspirations that give designers ideas for visualizing their code
• Offers early previews of technical advances in new Web browsers and of the emerging CSS3 specification

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