Saturday, February 21, 2009

E Commerce For Dummies or Alternative Digital Photography

E-Commerce For Dummies

Author: Don Jones

"The easy days of being an online merchant are gone!" - IDC in IT Industry Update, 2001
This is the one book that demystifies the world of e-commerce so that you can keep yourself, your business, and your career on the cutting edge.

The ability to do business online is creating another industrial revolution. But e-commerce is tough to understand and even harder to do well, as recent dot-com shakeouts show. E-Commerce For Dummies is THE title that helps break down the world of e-commerce into understandable and manageable terms and concepts. It covers all aspects of both B2B and B2C in a clear, no-nonsense way that cuts through the hype about this quickly evolving and vitally important topic. The book combines valuable business strategies with insight into the technology that makes e-commerce possible, and includes real-life case studies so you can find out what to do-and what not to do-when charting your e-commerce strategies.

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Alternative Digital Photography

Author: John G Blair

Alternative Digital Photography will lead you through a detailed exploration of alternative techniques in digital photography. Whether you are an amateur photographer, a beginning professional, or an advanced professional looking to add more creativity to your photography, this book will help you develop the skills you need to create unusual, creative, and artistic images using digital photography. It includes hands-on lessons designed to help you quickly develop new and creative ways of viewing the world around you. It is filled with example photographs, outlining the steps taken to achieve each image. It emphasizes simple, creative, and inexpensive suggestions that anyone can use--no need for a professional studio or a large financial investment. The book does also include coverage of advanced techniques as well as expensive tools that allow you to continue using the book as your experience grows.

Daniel Lombardo - Library Journal

The digital photography revolution has freed us from the expense of film and the bother of learning the mechanics of aperture, focus, and light settings. Some argue that the cost may be the loss of the edgy creativity that can be achieved with the classic SLR film camera. Both Blair and Cartwright bring us books that inspire the experimental use of images, before and after they leave the digital camera. Blair (The Glossary of Digital Photography) uses the seemingly endless manipulations of Photoshop to create images that are in styles he calls photoimpressionism, neomysticism, and neosymbolism. He defocuses his camera, uses digital infrared, and even experiments with digital toy cameras.

Accomplished actress and artist Cartwright takes digital images, photos on film, and Polaroids and manipulates them with an array of traditional art materials and techniques. She adds color with acrylic paints, oil sticks, watercolors, dry pigments, and inks. For texture she uses embossing powders, gessoes, pastes, and wax, and for special effects she experiments by printing photos on unusual substratum, by imprinting, and by using tissue and fabric. Both books accomplish their goal admirably, and both are highly recommended.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - Creating Black and White from Color
Chapter 2 - Creating Sepia from Black and White or Color
Chapter 3 - Hand colored Black and White
Chapter 4 - Hand colored Sepia
Chapter 5 - Abstract
Chapter 6 - Pleinart
Chapter 7 - Mosaic
Chapter 8 - Fresco
Chapter 9 - Photoimpressionism
Chapter 10 - Romantic Miniatures
Chapter 11 - Digital Pinhole
Chapter 12 - Digital Infrared

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