Monday, December 29, 2008

Jump Point or Flash Cartoon Animation

Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business

Author: Tom Hayes

Take the leap into a new era of viral business-and tap into a billion-plus consumer base

In Jump Point, Silicon Valley veteran Tom Hayes crafts a visionary, exhilarating, and often startling look at our fast-approaching business future. Welcome to the world of “pandemic economics;” a nonstop global economy characterized by network nation states, billion-selling products, and trillion-dollar markets.

Jump Point illustrates how the next economy will arrive at an inflection point just 1000 days away. Managers and organizations that survive the “jump” will find themselves in a strange new landscape of unfamiliar players and unforgiving power laws. From shape-shifting consumers, to competitive jihads, to the wealth-evaporating forces of runaway “mudflation,” Hayes takes you on an eye-opening ride to the world of the jump point and beyond.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments     vii
Introduction     ix
The Jump     1
the Paradox of Rapid Change     3
A Brave New Network     29
the Next Market Spaces     49
The Five Discontinuities     69
The Attention Wars     71
The Permanent Now     91
The Augurs of Amplitude     105
Mashup Culture     119
Trust Is the New Money     139
The Next Curve     159
The Bubble Generation     163
Jump Point to Growth     187
Future-Perfect-Tense     211
Notes     237
Index     251

Book about: Dim Sum or Pizza

Flash Cartoon Animation: Learn From the Pros

Author: Glen Kirkpatrick

You want to make an animated film. You've got the idea. You've got Macromedia Flash. But where do you start?
What's the best way to script your cartoon, how do you start animating with Flash, what do you really need to know in order to get your ideas out there to make you famous?
Who better to ask than two seasoned professionals, who've not only worked for Disney, but also run the hugely successful cult website - funnyazhell.
Kevin Peaty and Glenn Kirkpatrick draw on their rich studio experience and their knowledge of Flash to show you the best way to create great Flash cartoons that look as good as traditional animated films.
This book follows the professional process, taking a creative idea from storyboard stage, through layout to publishing, via a detailed look at animation techniques, that will give you the kind of insight normally only gained from years spent in the industry.
In depth and detailed, the book follows the production of a cartoon from inception to final output - looking at all the decisions and skills that have contributed to its appeal.
The book covers Flash versions 4 and 5 as well as MX.
Whether you're completely new to Flash, or are making your first steps into the world of Flash cartooning, this book will let you work alongside the professionals to make your own animated masterpiece.
With this book on your desktop, all you need is an idea!

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