Sunday, December 6, 2009

Making Music with Your Computer or Elements of Compiler Design

Making Music with Your Computer

Author: Stephen Bennett

These days, nearly everyone with musical aspirations alsohas a computer. This same computer can double as a highquality recording studio capable of producing professionalrecordings. This book tells you what software and hardwareyou will need to get the best results.

You'll learn about recording techniques, software andeffects, mixing, mastering and CD production.

Suitable for PC and Mac users, the book is full of tips,'how to do' topics and illustrations. It's the perfectanswer to the question 'How do I use my computer to producemy own CD?'

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Elements of Compiler Design

Author: Alexander Meduna

Providing both theoretical and practical approaches, Elements of Compiler Design offers a comprehensive introduction to compilers. From a theoretical perspective, this book presents fundamental models underlying compilation and demonstrates the concepts, methods, and techniques based on these models. It also examines the mathematical foundations of the theory of formal languages, automata, and transducers. From a practical point of view, the text describes how various compiler techniques are implemented and features a continuous case study that illustrates the design of a new programming language and construction of a compiler for this language.

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