Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CCNA or Computer Security Fundamentals


Author: Michael Valentin

The CCNA Exam Cram 2, Second Edition is a concise, comprehensive study aid that is perfect for anyone preparing for the CCNA exam. Some changes to the exam are expected in late 2005, and this updated edition to the popular Exam Cram will keep you up to date. This newest edition continues to provide you with specific, targeted explanations of the concepts and commands that you will find on the actual CCNA exam.


You will be able to focus on exam objectives, without having to first wade through lots of extra information that you don't need for the test. You will also be able to gain specific skills to improve your testing ability, not only in CCNA knowledge, but with proven test-taking strategies designed to improve your score. The CCNA Exam Cram 2, Second Edition's focus on objectives, exam alerts, and strategies will give you some of the best study preparation material available. It truly is "The Smartest Way to Get Certified!"

Table of Contents:
Ch. 1Networking fundamentals1
Ch. 2Network models13
Ch. 3Concepts in IP addressing37
Ch. 4Working with Cisco equipment65
Ch. 5Managing your router85
Ch. 6Catalyst switch operations and configuration99
Ch. 7VLANs125
Ch. 8IP access lists147
Ch. 9Routing171
Ch. 10Wide area networks209
Ch. 11Advanced IP concepts241
Ch. 12CCNA practice labs269
Ch. 13Practice exam #1281
Ch. 14Answer key to practice test #1305
Ch. 15Practice exam #2321
Ch. 16Answer key to practice test #2339

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Computer Security Fundamentals

Author: William Easttom

KEY BENEFIT: This gateway into the world of computer security provides one-volume coverage of all the basic concepts, terminology and issues, along with practical skills essential to security.  Topics covered range from those commonly found in security books such as virus attacks, buffer overflow, hacking spyware and network defense, as well as more specialized areas including cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and encryption.  Providing a comprehensive introduction, this volumes examines assessing a target system, denial of service attacks, malware, basics of assessing and securing a system, encryption, Internet fraud, and cyber crime, industrial espionage, cyber terrorism and information warfare, cyber detective, security hardware and software.  For system analysts network administrators, network security professionals and security audit professionals.

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