Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Windows Server 2003 Security Cookbook or Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks

Windows Server 2003 Security Cookbook

Author: Robbie Allen

In the last few years, security has become a hot-button issue for IT organizations of all sizes. Accordingly, many of the security features that were either optional or suspect in Windows 2000 have become solid, effective fixtures in Windows Server 2003-making it the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever produced. That is, if you know how to configure it properly.

The Windows Server 2003 Security Cookbook wants to make sure that you do know how. Picking up right where its predecessor, the Windows Server Cookbook, left off, this desktop companion is focused solely on Windows Server security. It teaches you how to perform important security tasks in the Windows Server 2003 OS using specific and adaptable recipes. Each recipe features a brief description of the problem, a step-by-step solution, and then a discussion of the technology at work. Whenever possible, the authors even tell you where to look for further information on a recipe.

The book is written in a highly modular format, with each chapter devoted to one or more technologies that Windows Server 2003 provides. This approach allows you to look up a task or scenario that you want to accomplish, find that page, and read that particular recipe only. Topics include:

System preparation and administration

Protecting the computer at the TCP/IP level

Applying security options to Active Directory

Improving security on domain controllers

Securing DHCP controllers

Encrypting and signing network traffic using IPSec

Patch management

If you're an intermediate or advanced system administrator who wants to feel secure when deploying Windows Server 2003 and its related services, then you don't wantto be without the Windows Server 2003 Security Cookbook.

Table of Contents:
1Getting started1
2System preparation and administration19
4Encrypting file system56
5Active directory75
6Group policy96
7Security templates130
8Domain controllers153
9User and computer accounts167
10Rights and permissions199
11Dynamic host configuration protocol218
12Domain name system232
13File and print servers264
15Internet information services314
16RRAS and IAS337
17Terminal services and remote desktop354
18Public key infrastructure and certificates373
20Event logs433
21Patch management451

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Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks

Author: Tim Grey

Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks is a tight, bright, four-color, quick reference manual for anyone who wants to learn to use their digital camera. Written by an intelligent expert of digital photography, the text is integrated with large illustrations (either photographs or software interface shots). Brief tips or warnings at page bottom address any ancillary points not covered in the basic how-to text. There's nothing else. Readers will quickly learn the fundamentals of using a digital camera: your camera's basic features, how to shoot in different lighting conditions, tips for different kinds of shots (portrait, landscape, close-up), basic rules all the pros know, and more than 50 tips and secrets that help get the perfect shot, or maybe just save your day. You'll also learn what to do with your images after you've imported them into your computer: managing your photo files, editing and cropping, printing, and emailing them to friends and family. This book isn't designed to be a complete reference, but an irresistible impulse buy for people who don't normally buy books in this area--or for people who just want to learn the basics.

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