Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oracle DBA Pocket Guide or Programming Excel with VBA and NET

Oracle DBA Pocket Guide

Author: David Kreines

Oracle DBA Pocket Guide is designed to help Oracle DBAs make more effective use of their time and resources. Covering current Oracle database products, from Oracle9i Database to the latest release, Oracle Database 10g Release 2, this pocket guide presents useful information about Oracle database administration in a clear, concise, and easy-to-use format. This reference pulls together the key concepts, commands, and parameters that Oracle DBAs need on a daily basis, packing an enormous amount of helpful advice into a compact, all-in-one volume.

Table of Contents:
Oracle architecture3
Software options15
Configuration planning18
Initialization parameters26
Backup and recovery30
The data dictionary117

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Programming Excel with VBA and .NET

Author: Jeff Webb

Why program Excel? For solving complex calculations and presenting results, Excel is amazingly complete with every imaginable feature already. But programming Excel isn't about adding new features as much as it's about combining existing features to solve particular problems. With a few modifications, you can transform Excel into a task-specific piece of software that will quickly and precisely serve your needs. In other words, Excel is an ideal platform for probably millions of small spreadsheet-based software solutions.
The best part is, you can program Excel with no additional tools. A variant of the Visual Basic programming language-VB for Applications (VBA)-is built into Excel to facilitate its use as a platform. With VBA, you can create macros and templates, manipulate user interface features such as menus and toolbars, and work with custom user forms or dialog boxes. VBA is relatively easy to use, but if you've never programmed before, "Programming Excel with VBA and .NET" is a great way to learn a lot very quickly. If you're an experienced Excel user or a Visual Basic programmer, you'll pick up a lot of valuable new tricks. Developers looking forward to .NET development will also find discussion of how the Excel object model works with .NET tools including Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).
This book teaches you how to use Excel VBA by explaining concepts clearly and concisely in plain English, and provides plenty of downloadable samples so you can learn by doing. You'll be exposed to a wide range of tasks most commonly performed with Excel, arranged into chapters according to subject-and those subjects correspond to one or more Excel objects. With both thesamples and important reference information for each object included right in the chapters, instead of tucked away in separate sections, "Programming Excel with VBA and .NET" covers the entire Excel object library. For those just starting out, it also lays down the basic rules common to all programming languages.
With this single-source reference and how-to guide, you'll learn to use the complete range of Excel programming tasks to solve problems, no matter what you're experience level is.

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